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About CPS

The Cotswold Group of Companies provides a unique service. We take a genuine interest in your business and provide you with the expertise necessary to take your product from the drawing board to market as swiftly and profitably as possible.

Launching a new product is exciting - but it's all too easy to get carried away with the concept and not think hard enough about the practical realities. Let us help you avoid the mistakes that trip up many new businesses.

Operating from highly secure UK premises in Gloucestershire, we have a sophisticated warehousing complex and fleet of vehicles. On top of that, the company is built on over twenty five years experience of logistics and product sourcing.

We have our own manufacturing facility in the Far East where we can personally oversee the production of clients' merchandise. And we have links with similar facilities throughout the world so we can ensure that the right products are manufactured in the most appropriate and cost effective location.

The Cotswold Group of Companies is committed to protecting the environment in which we all live and work. Wherever possible, all of the products we source are produced using environmentally friendly methods, and where raw materials are concerned we make sure that they are taken from sustainable resources. For example, one of the hard woods we use frequently is rubber wood (Hevea Brasiliensis) that has ended it's productive life. Rubber wood is very malleable and is a glorious colour, but is relatively inexpensive compared to other hard woods that are not so versatile.

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