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Smart Seats from Savvy Designers

Much copied but never equaled, these designer lavatory seats provide the finishing touch for distinctive bathrooms and cloakrooms. From the best selling aquatic themed seat to stunning leopard print version, the range incorporates over 75 different designs to make the smallest room in the house one of the most impressive!

The seats are individually handcrafted using resin. Each object is placed one by one into the seat ensuring that no two designs will ever be exactly the same. The price of resin is relatively similar throughout the world - but the cost of labour varies significantly from country to country.

The Cotswold Group of Companies recommended that the seats were manufactured in the Far East because whilst the cost of labour is less than in Western Europe, the quality is every bit, if not higher than anywhere else in the world. The seats are stored in our secure UK warehousing complex in Gloucestershire where distribution is organised to leading department stores worldwide.