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Flexi:bak From the Far East

Thanks to The Cotswold Group of Companies sales of this market leading back exerciser are climbing steadily.

Designed by two osteopaths, the product was originally made in the UK with a long lead-time and little profit. Then The Cotswold Group of Companies got involved. Now Flexi:bak is manufactured in the Far East. The 8 scientifically designed segments are made with the finest wood from the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree). The design also incorporates an ISO engineered aluminium bar with nylon self lubricating bushes. This enabled the company to deliver the product faster to customers and yielding a significantly higher profit.

The Cotswold Group of Companies are responsible for all fulfilment from its Gloucestershire secure warehouse complex. Customer payments and orders are processed and the Flexi:bak is packed into a sturdy custom made carton, that is approved for UK mail order, before despatch.